Skil-Me, a Triple Orange initiative that seeks to ENGAGE with women who have been victims of abuse by offering support while they LEARN new skills which in turn ENSURES that ''old Skills'' are retained , allows them to breakaway or start afresh and ultimately enables us to PROTECT one another. 

In line with the Triple Orange philosophy of taking care of our environment, the Skil-Me team have created a basket of gift worthy items. 

The CottonMyKitchen range of kitchen cloths (Lappies)  are reusable, replace plastic sponges and are made from sustainable plant derived sources.

Zero Waste Pocket Bag range, for all your zero-waste shopping.  A shopping bag with generously sized pockets on the inside OR on the outside so that you can keep your groceries separate, fresh fruit and veg won't get bruised, glass containers are protected and the bigger bulkier items have a place of their own.

Face Masks for adults - plain colours to match any outfit.

Domestic worker uniforms that are both classy and super comfortable. In honour of all the ladies that leave their families everyday  to take care of ours. 

Linen Storage bags, change of season means change of wardrobe. Never pack your clothes into plastic bags again.  The handy Linen Storage bag is big enough to keep your clothes clean and safe from seasonal bugs and small enough to stack and pack in the linen cupboard.

And this is just the start, an exciting project that really makes a difference to so many who have been dealt a brutal hand, unjustly. 

The Triple Orange team is proud to be associated with the ladies of SKIL-ME,  we are all Oranges afterall.